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Toastmasters International's Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan

Are you looking for a Toastmasters Club that offers the opportunity to talk about a wide range of topics? Would you like to exchange ideas with people who are secular skeptics? The Freethought Toastmasters Club welcomes people of all worldviews. Our members tend to be non-religious including agnostics, Humanists and atheists. We take current events seriously, but our politics range from capitalist to socialist, from liberal to conservative.  Our ages run from the 20s to the 60s (and beyond).

At our club, you can learn to be a better, more confident speaker. No matter what our worldviews, we are committed to mutual respect, tolerance, honesty, encouragement and constructive criticism.  If you become a member, you will have the opportunity to prepare and deliver speeches regularly, and receive constructive evaluations of your speeches.  It’s a great place to become comfortable as a speaker. With the help of other members, we learn to prepare and present effective speeches on a wide range of topics from humorous to serious. We also learn to think fast during our "Table Topics" sessions (impromptu speeches). We never know quite what to expect from our speakers, but we can always count on an interesting evening together.



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